Inktober 2015

I just wanted to post here that I’m going to try and do a new ink and paper drawing each day of October as part of Inktober (it was created by Jake Parker, an artist I really like). I’ll be posting the pictures over at my bother’s and my art blog and on my twitter account so check out either of those places if you want to see what I come up with. I’m still working on the next episode of Drawing It Up but I’m working on a few different things at once (as well as my actual job) so it’s taking me even ,longer than usual…

Drawing It Up: Behind the Scenes

I am toying with the idea of trying to do a short, behind-the-scenes type comic to fill in the time between episodes (since it’s taking me long to get an episode done). Here’s my first try:

Drawing It Up: Behind the Scenes #1

What do you all think? Would you like to see this as a regular feature? Comment here and let me know…

Blog/Web site formatting problems

Okay, so yet again I was an idiot and I didn’t back up my files. Because of that I lost some stuff in a recent upgrade and the Blog portion of the site isn’t looking/working correctly right now (as of Aug. 22, 2015). I’m going to have to rewrite everything from memory to get it back working again so it may take some time. The comics and everything should still work fine, though, so please, read away!

UPDATE (8/22/2015): I think I have everything back in okay working order. Let me know if it looks like anything still seems to be broken as you browse the site and read. Thanks!