drawing it up
What is Drawing it Up?
Drawing it Up is a variety and/or talk-show-style comic about comics and animation. It features random and recurring bits as well as interviews with popular characters from comic strips, comic books/graphic novels, and animation. It's hosted by the walking, talking clam Barney MacClam (more info about him to the right).
When do new episodes come out?
There's not really a specific schedule. Some episodes (and yes, episodes can refer to comics, not just TV) take longer to put together than others. We'll get them up there as quickly as we can, though.
Can I see old episodes?
Yes! You can read all episodes out so far on the Episodes Page.
What's up the "music breaks?"
The music breaks are just there for fun. We know it's weird having a house band for a comic but the guys love playing and we want people to hear their music. You're more than welcome to just click on through those "music breaks" if they're not your cup of tea.
The Host!
Barney MacClam
Name: Barnacles "Barney" MacClam
Born: Many, Many Years Ago
Hometown: The Ocean
Previous Jobs: Background character on Junior Sea Explorers (2004-2006),
Writer on The Adventures of Young Turbo Wolf (2007-2008),
Writer on Vikings Retreat (2008),
Production Assistant on Clams Today (2009-2010)
Quick Bio:
Barney is a clam that just happens to have arms and legs. He knows it's weird but he likes having them. He was working as a Production Assistant (he brought people coffee) on the local access show Clams Today when they asked him if he'd like to host a variety/talk-show-style comic about comics and animation. He said yes...very quickly...